Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Finally Friday - We've Gone to the Dogs!

Friday has come again, and this time - we've "gone to the dogs"! It's National Dog Week, so instead of focusing on Wild West Week - we are giving away one copy of the Dogs Unit Study Adventure! I'm sure the pioneers took their faithful companions with them, don't you think?

A warm, cuddly puppy – every child's dream come true in many homes! Their wagging tails and playful natures just melt our hearts and make us want to own them. I was fortunate – we owned several dogs throughout my childhood, and I have fond memories of the days we spent roaming through the woods and taking off on exciting adventures around the neighborhood with our dogs. At family gatherings, we still laugh and reminisce about the time our German shepherd had thirteen puppies, which kept the four kids in our family very busy for a while!

We can laugh, learn, and value the relationship we have with "man's best friend." These good times create such loyalty, devotion, and trust with our pets, and we learn many lessons about life as we care for them. On one hand, we want to encourage this type of relationship with pets for our own children, but at the same time, we grownups don't necessarily need or welcome any additional responsibilities to our already long list. As our family has grown, the children have become devoted animal lovers and one has gone on to become a veterinarian!

While using this unit study, your student will be introduced to a variety of topics that pertain to dogs, including:
  • Animal science
  • History of dogs in society
  • Pet responsibilities
  • Variety of dog breeds and their characteristics
  • Working dogs in today's world

To enter this giveaway, simply leave us a comment below (not on Facebook) telling us your dog's name, and your favorite dog story. You must leave an email address for us to contact you if you win. Entries with no email address will be discarded.

Please read the
Contest Specific Rules before entering.The winner will be chosen by random drawing soon after 9:00 pm CDT, Sunday, October 2, 2011. Winners will be notified by email and announced here on the blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Our dauschund's name is "Happy". She has incredibly short legs, a very long body and needs to go on a diet! When we went to pick her out from her litter she was the first one to come bounding out of the tangle of puppies. She actually looked liked she was smiling, hence the name, Happy!

  2. My little guy was a 4 pound yorkie. His name was Troubles, but we called him "Bubba". He was super sweet and cuddly, but he also was fearless around big dogs.... Until they looked at him, that is! Then he'd come running and want to be held!


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  4. We have a rat terrier named Shelby. She's not very social with strangers, but with us she is cuddly and loves to play fetch. Our whole family enjoys reading and listening to the entire "Hank The Cowdog" series. We met the author at our state hs convention. That was a wonderful experience!

  5. We have 3 dogs: Gus Gus (named after the chubby little mouse in Cinderella), Daisy (named after Daisy Duck) and Captain Jack Sparrow(named after Johnny Depps character in the Pirates movie). All 3 dogs were rescued from abusive situations. Our favorite memory of our 3 dogs has to be watching them all climb into our daughter's loft bed to sleep on night. She was sick with allergies and hives. They just wanted their little girl to feel better.

    Our family would love to win this unit study!

  6. My first dog, Toby was a great dog. He was a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix. When it would thunder, he would literally climb into my lap and cover his face by hiding into my chest. He was a special dog. He saw me through the my first marriage and was the only one around me when my marriage ended. Shortly after I remarried, he was killed by my neighbor. I was crushed!
    Cynthia T.

  7. I don't know if I am too late to enter or not, but I am going try,just in case I am not! Do you know the saying "Can I keep him? He followed me home?" Well....this is one of those with a twist. One of our 3 dogs is a chihuahua mix named Frito. I was walking home from work one evening and came upon her wandering around in the middle of the road. She followed me 2 of the three miles home and then I took pity on her and picked her up when we got to the gravel. I posted posters and put a notice in the paper, but no response, so she became our baby. My husband says she has ruined his reputation--He drives a big Dodge farm pickup and then here is this little dog hanging out of the window, not macho at all! :o)

  8. We have 2 dogs Heidi and Daisy. My favorite dog story really just happened. About two months ago my husband brought Daisy home. He found her in a box thrown away on the side of the road. She was a tiny little thing, but healthy. I brought her to the vet that day, and she has since made a permanent home in our hearts. Originally, we thought she was a Dachshund, but now we're pretty sure she's a black and tan Coonhound...cute as a button with long floppy ears.

    shanrei at yahoo dot com

  9. Was a winner ever selected for this giveaway? I've gone through the blog posts, facebook statuses, and tweets and have not found anything.


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