Monday, September 12, 2011

Animal Adventures Week!

Welcome to Animal Adventures Week at USAB! 

Of all the places that most children like to go, the zoo has to be among the top picks. How many times can you go through the monkey or lion or snake exhibit? Countless times! Even very young children are fascinated with animals, and we begin building that sense of awe and wonder at a young age as we tell them about Noah and the ark and all of the animals that went in two by two.

Check out these great Animal Adventures and their great low prices this week!

Astonshing Animals Download N Go  (Grades K-4, 1 week) - $4

By selecting animals that are a bit off the beaten path, those in this book should keep things interesting.  All of creation is amazing, and I write to help your children catch that vision through this study. As you and your children set off on this Astonishing Animals adventure, get ready to learn about some of the most amazing animals on earth—the aye-aye lemur, the wolverine, the Komodo dragon, and more. Join in the fun as we learn about these amazing creatures—where they live, what makes them unique, and other remarkable characteristics.

Terrific Tigers Download N Go (Grades K-4, 1 week) - $4

In Terrific Tigers, you and your child will learn all about the different kinds of tigers of the world, what they eat, where they live, and the problems that they face. With the Internet, your child can watch tiger videos and webcams from around the world and see just how they move and run, as well as where they live. There will be science discoveries, such as learning about the different kinds of tigers, carnivore vs. herbivore, and how they communicate. Geography of the places that tigers still live will take your children to exotic places of the world that will now take on new meaning.

Creation Camoflage Download N Go (Grades K-4, 1 week) - $4

In Creation Camouflage, your child will learn all about how and why animals hide in different parts of the earth, from oceans and rain forests to deserts and even the tundra. Your child will be watching videos of animals from around the world while learning about some of the most amazing forms of camouflage that make it hard for us to see these animals. What can compare to the animals that God has created? From the tiniest tadpole to the tallest giraffe, God has made each one and fashioned them all with amazing and unique features. Learning about the camouflage of animals, let your child see and learn about His creation from some of His mightiest handiwork.

Goofy Gekos Download N Go (K-4, 1 week) - $4

In Goofy Gekos, your child will investigate this animal—what it eats, the sounds it makes, where it lives, and what the Bible teaches us about creation.  There will be science discoveries, such as learning about the toes and tails of geckos and the different kinds of geckos. Your student will learn a bit of history as he learns about creation. The geography of the deserts and rain forests will make the study of geckos very interesting!

Horses Unit Study Adventure (K-12, 4 weeks) - $5

In Horses - you will be learning about horse anatomy, watching live online horse cams, visiting a virtual horse farm, and much more!  The internet has a wealth of information for studying horses. There are links to online, interactive quizzes, games, coloring pages and puzzles.  All of a sudden your student will be looking forward to their studies, to see where the adventure will take them today - wait and see!

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