Monday, August 5, 2013

Here's a Big Toothy Welcome to Sensational Sharks!

The sharks are coming! Get ready for one of the most thrilling Download N Go studies yet - Sensational Sharks is now available at a low introductory price of only $6! 

From the frills of the frilled shark to the wacky camouflage of the wobbegong shark, these fish come in all shapes and sizes. Filled with unforgettable learning adventures, Sensational Sharks will have your child:
    Discovering the many senses of sharks,
    Learning about the anatomy of sharks,
    Investigating the way that sharks breathe,
    Exploring one new kind of shark each day!

This is already one of our most popular unit studies, and the fun is just beginning. Don’t miss the fantastic giveaway at the end of this blog post! The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate from, one of my favorite places to shop! They have ALL KINDS of shark books and learning materials!

“Sensational Sharks will keep your kids engaged through amazing videos of sharks including a baby shark being hatched, shark skin experiment and kids petting sharks. In this unit study children will learn geography, science, history, math and more. There are scriptures and funny jokes throughout. Book, app and activity recommendations. And each day there is a interesting, "Did You Know?" Like, did you know that some sharks glow in the dark…” Kathy Balman, GA

Some of you are diving into Shark Week with your family this week, while others are getting ready to use this new study during our Sensational Shark Facebook Co-op week, which begins next Monday. Go ahead and get the study and get ready for an remarkable learning journey!

Diving right in,
Amanda B.

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  1. Thank you for all your unit studies.. I work with multiple age groups.And I just love them:)

  2. Just finished your Volatile Volcanoes Unit Study. It was well organized and kept the attention of my children. We even finished it by going to Mt. St. Helens and completing the Jr. Ranger Program. Problem was my kids were "know it all's" after a week of your unit study - had to have them let others try to answer Ranger questions. :)

  3. We are going to work on Lighthouses and then Weather from another seller. WE have used Football Frenzy, excellent. United Kingdom. Also plan to do the Australia and France ones in the next 6 months!

  4. My kids are so excited to start school this year! When I showed them the lineup of unit studies they were begging to start tomorrow! Thank you for the awesome resources, they have given me confidence to try doing school the way I wanted to two years ago.


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