Monday, August 19, 2013

Bring History to Life - Unbelievable Characters!

Would you like to make American history truly come alive for your students? Check out our two big series sales that begin today!

1.  From the Download N Go™ series, a set of seven of our very popular American history titles, designed for grades K-4:

Only $25 for the set of 7 DNG titles - just $3.51 each! 
The set includes:
 Davy Crockett, Ben Franklin, Lewis & Clark, Prairie Pioneers, Constitution Celebration, Amelia Earhart, and George Washington


2.  From our Unit Study Adventure series, three of our most popular titles, designed for grades K-12 and full of American history:

Only $6 each for 4 weeks of learning - 
just $1.25 per week!

Introduce American history to your children in a way that will make it come alive! Our wide variety of titles can breathe life into the study of America's government, her heroes, and her history!  for your kids. What made Ben Franklin so curious? Travel through the wilderness with Lewis and Clark, and ride along on the hot, dusty journey across America with Prairie Pioneers. Did the pioneer children play while they were traveling? What kinds of games were there? All these people started out just like we did--as children. Now your family can learn together about the events that destined them for greatness!

Be ready to bring history to life with our American history titles, no prep required. Make this a living history year for your children, and watch them get excited about learning again!

Amanda B.

The winner of this giveaway is:     Kathrine Keller!

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