Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Keep it Simple

It’s a new year full of opportunity! Now is a great time to consider where your homeschool is heading, taking an honest look at areas that might need a bit of adjusting. A few changes can make such a big difference in everyone’s outlook and attitude!

If you are

  • looking for some help with science, geography, or history;
  • tailoring your curriculum to your child’s interests;
  • injecting some excitement into your homeschool; or
  • searching for captivating resources to use with the Classical model;

I’ve got a set of resources that can help, and they are on sale this week! Our Classic Resource Libraries cover topics from geography and American history to life science, earth science, and astronomy. Each Library includes seven Download N Go studies that are completely interactive and have an integrated lapbook. All the prep work is done—simple for you and thrilling for the children. Give them a try and watch your school days go from drudgery to delight!

Amanda B.

Get the following Classic Resource Libraries for just $25 each!

Go on a virtual visit to Africa, Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, Israel, and Mexico!

Take in the prairies, discover the beginnings of liberty, and meet some courageous explorers!

Capture curiosity with Komodo dragons, sea turtles, beetles, bees, butterflies, snowy owls, and tree frogs!

Explore caves, tornadoes, volcanoes, snowflakes, chambered nautilus, giant clams, and much more!

Sale prices valid through January 12, 2013.
Visit for more information.

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