Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get In On the Treasure Hunt!

Ahoy Matey!

I've a secret to tell ye 'bout a treasure so grand;
The clues are in Twitter and Facebook land.

Each day find a letter and store ‘em close by;
At the end of the hunt, ye’ll unscramble ‘em, aye!

When ye make the right codeword,
a big discount ye’ll score;
But that ain’t the end of the story—there’s more!

For three of the mateys who enter the code;
There's a prize of sweet treasure—a real mother lode! 

All of yer names will be thrown in a hat
Three names’ll be drawn, and they’ll win,
just like that!

The prize is amazin’! Ye'll be seein’ stars!
Fer ye’ll get the loot—36 Hershey bars!

So don’t miss the clues! Be watchin’ each day;
The winnin' is easy, so join in the play!

Contest begins on 2/4/2013 and ends on 2/16/2013 at 12:00 am EST.
For complete contest rules, visit


  1. This prize sounds sweet--

    We think you're neat!

    For chocolate we do like to eat!

    1. Thanks for the "sweet" poem, Susan! We're really excited about this giveaway! :)


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