Monday, January 14, 2013

Beat the Winter Meltdown!

It’s that time of year—the holidays are over, the novelty of snow is gone, and cabin fever is setting in. It’s obvious the children need an outlet, but what can you do? Now is the perfect time to open the doors of imagination in your home and get the creative juices flowing!

Even though you might not be particularly artistic or creative, your children are. I can tell you from experience that marker masterpieces don’t easily wash off walls (or siblings). Take this opportunity to focus their creativity as they explore the things that hold their interest.

From scrapbooking to photography to learning about how cartoons are made, every child can benefit from taking some time to be creative. Who knew that flip books could be made so easily and on almost any topic? Try something new and fun in your homeschool—you may be raising the next Beatrix Potter or Monet!


Amanda B.

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Have fun with the art of cartooning, check out different types of cartoons and animation, hands on fun flip books and more, & meet some famous cartoonists like Walt Disney!

$5 Through 1/19/13
Take a ride on a double-decker bus, ride the London Eye Ferris wheel, get to know the peregrine falcon and other native UK animals, take time for tea, scones, bubbles and squeak, & meet Beatrix Potter & Queen Victoria!

$5 Each Level, Through 1/19/13
Take a virtual stroll through Paris, learn the history of the Eiffel Tower, investigate the art of the Louvre, meet famous Frenchmen like Claude Monet and Louis Braille, & enjoy some authentic French food, like crepes and cheese!

$5 Each Level, Through 1/19/13
Learn about the history of scrapbooking, basics of color theory and more, how to scrapbook family history, & meet famous scrapbookers like Mark Twain, Lucy M. Montgomery, and Thomas Jefferson!
$6 Through 1/19/13
Discover the science of light and lenses, history of photography, camera basics, meet some famous photographers, photo composition, and more!

$6 Through 1/19/13
Meet some of the early inventors that shaped science and innovation: Archimedes, Gutenberg, James Watt, The Montgolfier Brothers,and many more!

$6 Through 1/19/13

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  1. why do you make your contests only for those who reside in the USA? I love your products and would love a chance to win them free as my homeschooling budget is VERY tight.

    1. Hi Annette, thanks for stopping by. Our contest rules are written to comply with US laws only. Keep an eye on our specials page in the coming weeks, we will be running some great 1 day deals!


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