Friday, January 11, 2013

Freedom to Fly

When I was a teenager, my mom taught my three siblings and me a very important lesson about following your dreams. One Saturday, we woke up and Mom was gone for the day—off to take flying lessons! We knew that she had always wanted to learn to fly, and we’d finally driven her to extremes! The day she soloed was one for the record books!

She had always wanted to learn to fly, and she’d been a flight attendant when she first met my dad. My mom raised us to follow our dreams, and along the way she had shared her own dream of wanting to fly an airplane. When she actually scrimped and saved enough to go pursue her dream (at a place where teenagers couldn’t reach her), we learned so much. She was teaching us about the freedom to fly after your dreams by DOING it!

I grew up loving books, chasing down the bookmobile when it came through our part of town, and Mom set me on the path of reading biographies about people who followed their dreams. People like Amelia Earhart, the Wright brothers, John Glenn, and many others were among my favorites. Even though I am afraid of heights and not too thrilled with flying, I learned from Mom and from the people in books about character, perseverance, goals, and much more.

And Mom is still teaching us! When she turned 70, she was off visiting family and friends in a different part of the country. I received one of the most amazing emails of my life—a picture of my mom SKYDIVING for her birthday! :)

She is still teaching by example. What a way to learn!

Amanda B.

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