Monday, September 17, 2012

Bats and bugs and blind cavefish!

Incredible Insects and Cavernous Caves
Insects and caves--two of our new hot topics that capture the curiosity of kids around the world! With these new titles in the Download N Go® series, they can explore these creatures and places in amazing ways, and the adventure can begin today! Incredible Insects will lead them on a fascinating journey, spanning the world of insects:
  • Launch into each day with exciting new videos like Bug Parade
  • Chan's walking stick--an insect that is over 19" long
  • Songs of the Insects Jukebox
  • Daily Insect Safari
  • And plenty more!
And Cavernous Caves will take them virtually bounding through caves around the globe, investigating:
  • One new cave a day, beginning with Mammoth Cave in Kentucky
  • Cave creatures, like the blind cavefish, bats, and blind shrimp
  • Sea cave kayaking in Santa Cruz
  • Spelunking and all kinds of cave adventures!

I love to share the awesome corners of the universe with kids, and with these studies, you can take your children on an expedition of learning they will never forget. From bats to bugs, cave crickets to fireflies, watch them grow as they explore and wonder! We are working hard to help them discover the wonders of God's magnificent creation--one topic at a time. Go ahead and ask them about caves and insects, and watch their interest in learning take on a whole new perspective.

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Amanda B.

P.S. In case you are new to the Download N Go series, in addition to the interactive study, a simple-to-make lapbook is included with each study. What is a lapbook, you ask? Check it out here.

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