Monday, September 10, 2012

Classic Earth Science and Astronomy Resource Library - An Adventure of Discovery!

Begin the adventure of a lifetime, discovering the secrets of
God's fascinating creation.

Get your
Classic Earth Science and Astronomy Resource Library

God's creativity in forming the heavens and the earth is far beyond anything we can imagine, and so much of it is unknown to a child. Take your family on an expedition of discovery with the Classic Earth Science and Astronomy Resource Library.

Begin your adventure into the hidden parts of this beautiful world God created just for us with the newest Download N Go, Cavernous Caves. A thrilling adventure awaits you and your children as you explore the many types of caves around the world, squeezing through small crevices, or scuba diving in the world's largest underwater cave, Sistema Sac Actun. You'll learn cave terminology as well as caving safety, and you'll meet some amazing animals who call caves their home!

Discover the tiny creatures living inside Sunny Seashells, and be captivated by the expansive heavens surrounding our Magnificent Moon. Find out how Twisting Tornadoes form, and make your own tornado in a bottle. What is "Tornado Alley"? Take a helicopter flight over one of earth's many Volatile Volcanoes, and watch the hot lava run down the sides in glowing, smoking rivers. Where does the lava come from? Discover the secrets of earth's two extreme seasons in Summer Sensations and Winter Wonders. Where on earth does the sun shine for half the year?

There is so much to learn about the earth and space, and children are naturally curious about it all. Whether caves or volcanoes, tornadoes or the moon--it's time to go investigate the unknown!


Amanda B.

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