Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Gift from the Astronauts - Part Two

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One of the best blessings from our frequent visits to the Cape came from the astronauts themselves—yes, the men and women who live, breathe, eat, and sleep their dreams of going to space. They devote much of their time to their space training and their own families, but they do make a special effort to share their stories and dreams with children of all ages. They always take time to reach out to children, and what a legacy of influence they have left us!

We met many of the astronauts, attended their presentations, watched home movies of their childhoods, and heard them share some of their own experiences of growing up. We always came away so fired up about space and each child's opportunity to follow his or her dreams. These astronauts demonstrated their commitment and love of their work in all that they did, and I am so thankful that they shared this with children.

You see, they very carefully shared their own stories, with the emphasis on "whatever your dream is—follow it!" They stressed the importance of doing your best, studying hard, and not giving up, demonstrating the meaning of commitment by their own efforts. Our children have autographs of many astronauts, but what they hold in their hearts are the astronauts' stories, hopes, and words of encouragement.

I thank God for our astronauts—for those that we have lost and for those that will now carry on the adventure. They will motivate unknown numbers of children (and many adults) to follow their dreams and strive to do their best, and somehow, coming from these people who know what it means to do just this—it is a priceless gift, indeed.


Amanda B.

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