Tuesday, September 4, 2012

American History Resource Library - Unbelievable Characters!

Would you like to make American history truly come alive
for your young students?

Get your
Classic American History Resource Library

Have you ever noticed that your children love to hear stories about when you were a kid? At first it seems odd to them to think of you as a child, but it helps them relate to you when they realize that you were once a kid too.

It is the same when learning history. Children love to learn that famous people were KIDS way back when. They want to know about the events that happened in their childhoods that made them into the famous people they became. Once they can relate to the people of history as REAL people, the story becomes much more interesting!

Introduce famous Americans to your children in a way that will make them come alive for your kids. How old was Amelia Earhart when she first thought of flying a plane? Was she afraid? What made Ben Franklin so curious? Travel through the wilderness with Lewis and Clark  and ride along on the hot, dusty journey across America with Prairie Pioneers. Did the pioneer children play while they were traveling? All these people started out just like we did--as children. Now your family can learn together about the events that destined them for greatness!

Be ready to bring history to life with the Classic American History resource library, no prep required. Make this a living history year for your children, and just watch them get excited about learning!


Amanda B.

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  1. I have been wanting to use another of your unit studies for a long time. We used the France one last year and really enjoyed it and this year we are learning American History :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing that with us, Lindsey! You are creating memories with your family that will last a lifetime!


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