Friday, February 24, 2012

Fantastic Friday is Cooking up Some Fun!

To celebrate the introduction of Bountiful Bread Download N Go  this week, how about some fun additions for  your bread making adventures?


We have put together a "Gingerbread Prize Pack" just for you!

A Gingerbread Pan by Nordic Ware ($24.95 value) 

Create charming gingerbread cake or bread with little effort. Add festivity to your holiday with this seasonal baking pan. Heavy cast aluminum bakeware provides superior baking performance. Baked goods rise evenly, cook uniformly, are finely detailed and have delicious golden crusts due to the heavy duty walls of the pan. Our special heat reflective exterior and premium non-stick surface assures perfect stick-free results. Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware.

PLUS an adorable storybook to read while it's in the oven!

The Gingerbread Man (Easy-to-ReadFolktales) By Karen Schmidt (Author, Illustrator)

Ages 4 and up.  31 Pages. Published by Scholastic.

Who doesn't love a classic story like this?  Run, Run fast as you can...  and enter the giveway!

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  2. LOL I didn't read all of the instructions. I am just purchasing Boutiful Bread today, so I am not sure what my favorite part is yet. I will guess that there are recipes involved, though and we always love to cook in our house!

  3. I also haven't purchased it, yet. I imagine, like the other DNG studies, that we will love the 'extras' like recipes and tips for making our learning an 'experience'. We love DNG studies!


  4. My daughter would love this pan and book! Csalamy at

    1. My favorite part would have to be the baking!

  5. We are starting our study tomorrow! I am picking up my books from the library today that I placed on hold so I am not sure what my favorite part is yet. I am excited that there are lots of iterative things for her to do though! We are excited!

    mommyluvschrist @

  6. momofsam07 at aol dot comFebruary 24, 2012 at 11:42 AM

    The design of the pan is so cute :-)

  7. Don't know what my favorite part of Bountiful Breads is yet--am going to try to buy it next week before it goes off sale! :)

  8. Learning the science behind bread!

    ccrowhs (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. This is our first DNG & we love it!! My kindergartener was crying because I said I needed to fold laundry before we started day 2 this morning! Cutestbaby13579 @ yahoo . com

  10. I love how it over laps with all the other unit studies. We are finishing up Geography France and in the bread study there is a section on French bread. We finished Expedition Israel and in the bread study, there is a section for challah bread.

  11. I love all of our DNG studies. We are looking forward to this one. Thanks, Amanda!Kim at

  12. My son enjoys the DNG studies most of all of my children. We haven't used your Bountiful Bread one yet, but I enjoy making bread with my kids.


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