Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ways to Liven Up Winter at YOUR House - Part Two

So, we've covered up the hall walls with sketches of snowflakes and have gone outside with a magnifying glass to look at our own snowflakes (not to mention making  paper Ballerina snowflakes). What now?

As my son reminds me, Spring Training begins in mid-February! If there is an interest in baseball or softball in your house, use the time to explore the Internet baseball sites to find out Spring Training plans, trading of players, etc.

There are sites for all of the major league teams, as well as many of the minor league teams. The Major League Baseball Association has a very informative website, and there are also the usual sport sites such as

Don't forget to have your baseball fans write to the major league teams and ask for team information, along with a spring and summer game schedule. Several of the teams send bumper stickers, posters, and plenty of fun information.

If you want to encourage the children’s interest in baseball and learn in the process, order the Baseball Unit Study Adventure  now, and get ready for a fascinating adventure into the history and science of baseball. What a way to liven up learning during dreary winter days—poring over baseball cards, learning how American history and baseball history intertwine, and more!

For those students interested in playing baseball this spring, the winter can provide some opportunities to begin to get in shape for the season. The books at the library on Little League, baseball training, sports fitness, and other topics for children are usually very available in the wintertime; don't forget to include them in your next library search.

Use this season to look ahead, and anticipate the next season of growth and learning, and many smiles. These ARE the special times!

Amanda B.

Read Ways to Liven Up Winter at YOUR House - Part One and come back for Part Three next week!

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