Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Thanksgiving Week!

Welcome back to our Thanksgiving Unit Study FB cooperative.  It's our final week...Thanksgiving is almost here!

We invite you to share your experiences as you use the Thanksgiving Unit Study Adventure. We would love to hear what you and your children have learned along the way. 

Throughout this week, we will be posting some tips and treasures, along with our insights and ideas.  It is our prayer that this co-op effort has provided help, friendship, and fellowship for us all!

Amanda B.
PS - If you are enjoying this journey - you will not want to miss the Christmas Cooperative on  Facebook , beginning on Monday, November 28th. To help you prepare - you can pick up the Christmas Unit Study Adventure for just $6!

Here are this week's Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the crops the Pilgrims planted the first spring in America
  • Explore the early development of Plymouth
  • Find out more about the harvest celebration - what the festival was like, who attended, what they ate
  • Study the history of the Thanksgiving holiday in America

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  1. Thanks for the ideas on what to study. It should be a fun week!


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