Thursday, November 3, 2011

DNG "erupts" with another hot topic! Volatile Volcanoes is here!

From the first signs of ash and steam erupting from the peak, to the lava flow and the explosive sounds that accompany an erupting volcano, these are astounding geographical wonders to behold for kids of all ages. As the rivers of molten rock run down the sides of the volcano, kids ooohhh and aaaaahh and stare with wonder. They are fascinated with these fiery mountains!

Volcanoes make a perfect unit study topic and provide a wonderful learning tool. From the parts of a volcano, to the flow of lava, Volatile Volcanoes is going to take your child on a new and exciting learning adventure!

People are talking about Volatile Volcanoes . . .
"Volcanoes! What an interesting topic! If you have children who love learning about the earth and the many mysteries it contains you will love Volatile Volcanoes!

This is such a fun unit! Filled with all kinds of facts and information about volcanoes. This unit covers so many aspects of the volcano. Have you ever wondered how they were formed or where they are found? Maybe you are wondering if there are still active volcanoes today? This unit covers these topics and many others. 

Each day you will learn about a different volcano. The myths and realities of volcanoes. The science of volcanoes!  I especially love all of the hands-on activities that are included!  How about making your very own volcano? Or taking a journey around the world visiting some of the world’s volcanoes via webcam! Maybe you would love to visit an ancient city that was destroyed by a volcano? Or finding out that volcanoes can be found in places you may never have suspected!

The lapbook included with this unit has colorful graphics and is a wonderful tool to record your child’s observations and facts learned during their study of volcanoes. There are even some cute jokes included in this lapbook to add some laughs to your school day

This is a wonderful unit! Don’t be surprised if you end up on some rabbit trails as a result of learning about volcanoes!"
—Michele Gerrells, Pittsgrove, NJ

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