Friday, November 18, 2011

Enjoying the Harvest - Part 3

This season of harvest is bright and fruitful, both in our lives as parents and as we approach the season of Thanksgiving. Not only have I learned to see the harvest moments in our lives, but I've also learned to really count our blessings, naming them one by one in my journal. The list is growing, right along with my faith. And do you know what else? I'm watching the importance of this blessing counting grow in our children. What an amazing offshoot of my own lessons, that they, too, are really seeing the important things in life. As I sit and reflect on this now, perhaps that IS the most important lesson from all of this—that they see what is really important, instead of material things and day-to-day trials.

This “enjoying the harvest” does not just apply to our children's growth and education, by the way. Try to take time to take a walk—really walking, not just speeding through another task. Notice the color of the sky, and the birds that you see—can you identify them? And when you are making that apple butter in a slow cooker this year, don't forget to add some savory spices and then enjoy the taste on hot buttered biscuits! Put on some classical music and really listen to how uplifting Mozart can be with your morning coffee. It’s a much better way to start the day than the morning news. In other words, YOU have got to slow down and smell the roses too. As they say around my house, “When Mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!” :-) And I'm trying to remedy that, working on it on a daily basis.

It is my prayer that this has helped you see that the fruits of your labors are ongoing and lifelong. The harvest is never-ending, and we need to enjoy the harvest moments right in the midst of the chores and labors of love in teaching and learning and sharing in our family lives. Live—really live—each day that God gives you. I have a saying that I keep on my dresser that reads “Today is a precious gift from God. Say thank you—and tear into it!”, and I try to do just that.

May you have a bountiful and joyous harvest season, and may you find peace in the quiet moments that you can catch in the mayhem and noise of family life!


Amanda B.

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