Monday, June 6, 2011

A Special Offer - Just for our Friends!

Isn't it great when you find a like-minded friend?  Someone who is full of wisdom, encouragement, and even has a sense of humor?

Well, we have some wonderful friends at Unit Studies Amanda Bennett...  We're thinking of you (of course), and our friends at Home Educating Family Publishing.

Home Educating Family Publishing's motto is... "changing the world starts at home".  They offer resources to partner with parents to "raise up a generation of kids who are spiritually and intellectually equipped, not just to survive, but to go out and change the world."  Just the kind of people you want to be friends with, right!

So, in honor of this friendship - Home Educating Family Publishing has graciously given us a special offer to share with our friends.

Use the coupon code: unitstudy , and you can get a 1 year subscription to Home Educating Family Magazine (HEFM) for just $8.00 (or 2 years for $15.95).

HEFM is committed to addressing those topics that influence us most deeply, such as parenting, marriage, biblical manhood and womanhood, and the family's important roles in the church and the government. At the same time, they give you immensely practical advice on implementing the newest and best ideas in homeschooling!

You won't want to miss the current issue!  Amanda has a very inspring article "Views from My Rearview Mirror" - This Great Adventure called Homeschooling.  Find out what 18 plus years of homeschooling has taught her.

Check out their Well-Planned Day Planners when you visit their site as well. (A personal, friend-to-friend note - I love this planner. It's the first one that truly fits a homeschool familiy's unique needs so well - and, it's just plain beautiful as well!)

So, grab a cup of coffee, and invite a new friend over to join you.  You can get a free online trial here.

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