Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DNG Birthday Bash: Wednesday Special

Download N Go is one year old and the party has started!  For this entire week we'll have a different special deal each day, for 24 hours only. You'll find all of the daily specials on the SPECIALS page of the Download N Go website, so be sure to check back every day through Saturday, October 9! Each deal will begin at midnight EST and run for 24 hours.

We're also celebrating with a FUDGE contest.  Check out the details here and be sure to enter to win 1 pound of delicious fudge from Fudge by Design!

Wednesday's special deal is the Patriotic 3-Pack for $17.76!! This bundle includes the following titles:

Constitution Celebration Influential men in powdered wigs and woolen clothes—
free men, united in secret, struggling to create the most significant document ever seen in this country . . .Travel back through history alongside the Founding Fathers for a memorable week of hands-on adventure and intrigue.

Benjamin Franklin Is it time to learn a little American history at your house?  Are your kids fascinated with inventors?Would you like to learn about character qualities from a quality character?

Was Ben Franklin an inventor or a founding father? And what were some of his inventions? Your child may know some facts about Benjamin Franklin, but the whole family will learn more with these activities.

George Washington Does character “count” in your curriculum?

Awaken the curiosity, fun, and adventure in your homeschool—learn from (and all about) “The Greatest Character of the Age”—George Washington!

There’s so much to discover about this favorite American soldier and President! Do you remember the legend of George Washington and the cherry tree? It’s perhaps one of the most familiar character lessons young children learn. From his efforts to throw a rock all the way across the river to his persistent battle for freedom, George Washington has become someone who is much admired. Children today can learn from the examples that he set with his own life and pursuits.

For even more savings, be sure to check out the Vendor Hall at The Schoolhouse Expo for a code for 20% off the  Pick 19 Bundle or use the code 20DNG19EXPO for 20% off the Pick 4 Bundle!

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