Monday, October 11, 2010

New Release: Lewis & Clark!

Our latest Download N Go title is now available.  Lewis & Clark is sure to take your entire family on a wild and crazy adventure!

Build character and curiosity with excitement and fun! Take to the trail with Lewis and Clark for a mapping and science exploration through the wet, wild, wonderful American West!

"This sensational story excites imaginations. It has everything:"
  • Adventure into the unknown
  • Discovery of new plants, animals, territories, and peoples
  • Science, history, and geography
  • Curiosity and courage
  • Dedication and teamwork
  • Fascination and feats
  • Drama and danger
  • Pioneers and patriots
  • Hunger and survival
  • Plus many men of wonder and one skilled woman

We have a waterfall of knowledge and inspiration at our fingertips through technology and the expertise and service of others. What Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse® bring you with this unit study is astounding! And what a delight for your children who eagerly desire a closer connection to God’s marvelous world!

Lewis & Clark is a lively choice! With this unit study/lapbook, your child will splash and trudge alongside the team for each Adventure of the Day while investigating the route taken and the various Indian tribes they met along the way. Many other treats abound, such as seeing the growth of America unfold on an animated video!

Your young explorers will navigate through these questions and tons more:

  • How do you navigate your way through nature?
  • What dangers did the explorers meet, and how did they overcome such great obstacles?
  • Did Seaman, Lewis’s famous dog, make the entire trip with his master?
  • What animal they called a “barking squirrel” so charmed Lewis that he sent a live one on a four-month journey to Washington, D.C.?
  • What do Lewis and Clark mean to us today?

There are games, map work, crafts, and a plethora of great Internet resources! Learn lessons in character, such as bravery, courage, and perseverance!

Each day your child will explore and investigate, creating and adding more learning components to his Lewis & Clark lapbook, building a wonderful reminder of all that he is learning, to be enjoyed for years to come.

How do we know so much about the Lewis and Clark expedition? They told us! They kept detailed notes in journals, and they provided examples of hundreds of new species of animals and plants, presenting a wide window through which we can examine their amazing story and findings.

Children will learn about the outgoing president, Thomas Jefferson, and his efforts to put this discovery team together, along with the team’s preparations to head west into the unknown. They will meet Sacagawea and her young son, Pomp, as well as Lewis’s dog, Seaman!

The daily journey is filled with high-interest fun in an interactive format:
  • Day 1: What Brought About the Adventures of Lewis and Clark?
  • Day 2: Who Were Lewis and Clark?
  • Day 3: Science Secrets of the Expedition
  • Day 4: Lessons to Learn From Lewis and Clark
  • Day 5: Remembering Lewis and Clark


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