Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday Bash: Saturday Special

Download N Go is one year old and the party has started!  For this entire week we'll have a different special deal each day, for 24 hours only. You'll find all of the daily specials on the SPECIALS page of the Download N Go website, so be sure to check back every day through Saturday, October 9! Each deal will begin at midnight EST and run for 24 hours.

We're also celebrating with a FUDGE contest.  Check out the details here and be sure to enter to win 1 pound of delicious fudge from Fudge by Design! The contest ends tonight at 9:00 PM EST!!

Saturday's special deal is Chocolate Challenge for $5!!

It's mouth-watering fun for everyone!

Delve into science discoveries, such as learning about how chocolate comes from a bean pod—that makes it a vegetable, right?

Develop an understanding of the basics of how chocolate is made and where it comes from.

Learn about rainforests and the ancient Maya and
Aztec uses of chocolate.

Research the amazing stories of some of the
world's foremost chocolatiers!

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