Monday, August 27, 2012

Unbelievable Creatures! Classic Life Science Resource Library

Would you like to make life science truly come alive
for your young students?

Be one of the first to own the new
Life Science Collection

Children are fascinated by living creatures. From the power and beauty of horses to the wonders and abilities of the tiniest insect, they want to know every detail; and what they learn now, on their own investigations, will create memories that will last a lifetime. Knowing this, we have assembled the Download N Go Classic Life Science Collection (which includes the brand new Incredible Insects study)--a great and affordable library to have on hand. You never know when kids will discover something that will capture their attention, teach them volumes, and provide entertainment and funny, shared tales for many years.

I wish I could share more of our stories about this kind of spontaneous learning, but here is one of my favorites. While digging in the yard, the children of one family discovered some animal bones and wanted to know more about the animal, of course. What kind of animal was it? They carefully arranged the bones on the picnic table, spending days researching the animal's joints, assembling its legs, connecting the ribs to the spine, and reconstructing the jaws and teeth. After putting the whole thing together, they determined it was the skeleton of a gray fox! Just imagine the looks on the faces of their dinner guests the next weekend when the mom told the kids to "get the fox off the table" as they prepared to eat dinner!

I've researched and written these studies to make it easy for you and your crew to explore all kinds of animals with your children. With this special half-price sale on the Classic Life Science Collection, you can make this the year your family will remember for a lifetime!


Amanda B.

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  1. My favorite subject to teach is History and Art

  2. We would like to win Teaching Textbooks 3! My email is Thanks! Mandy Clark

  3. Would love to use TT have heard lots of good things, but would love the chance to try it to see if we like it & then get it for the rest of the kiddos. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I am very interested in using TT for my 3rd grade son since we are struggling finding a math curriculum that I'm happy with. This is our first year homeschooling! If it is what we are looking for, I'll be ordering it for my 5th grade son also and for years to come. Thank you for the chance to try it! My e-mail is Thank you, Jana Zuidema

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