Monday, August 6, 2012

Join the Adventure - The World is Waiting for you!

Which would you rather have learned geography from: a dry and boring textbook OR a virtual field trip, full of interesting places, people, science, history, the arts, the food, and much more? Here's your chance to take off on a learning adventure!

Pack up and get ready to travel across Europe with Amanda Bennett's new Passport Geography series! These one-week unit studies were developed to provide your student with virtual tours of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and now Italy too. Each study explores the geography of the nation, as well as some of its history, art, literature, landmarks, and interesting people.

Get the entire family in on the adventure! Whether you have elementary, high school, or a range of students, there are options to suit your needs.  This week we're not only spotlighting the newest Passport study, Passport Italy, but we're also featuring the entire series with special, discounted pricing.

For a limited time--Buy 5, Save $5 More!

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