Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beware of Letting Your Child Love Animals!

Not a dire warning, just a parent-to-parent heads-up. Here’s a rundown of our story:

One child loves animals, and I encourage her interest by writing the very first Dogs unit study. By the time we finish the study, our household dog count is three dogs.

The same child continues to love animals as she grows. We become the owners of all kinds of other creatures: numerous guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small mammals. Lots of cedar shavings and cage cleaning are required, and dogs must be kept separate from small mammals (aka appetizers).

Same child follows her love of animals and is accepted into veterinary college. At this point, we only have three dogs. She pursues her studies with a passion. Christmas vacation during her first year of grad school is spent reading a bird anatomy textbook aloud around the Christmas tree to help her study, everyone gathering to hear the information with fascination. By the time she finishes veterinary college, the dog count at our house is up to SIX dogs.

Be careful of letting them follow their passions; they just might find exactly what the Lord put them here to do!


Amanda B.


  1. LOL :) That's awesome!

    We currently have only four ducks. And that's enough responsibility for my kids for now. ;)

  2. We've had a zoo over the years, too, and currently just two dogs. I wouldn't trade the memories and learning for anything, but I never want to go near a cat litter box or huge fish tank again!

    1. Pets really are a wonderful, and memorable learning experience, aren't they? :)

  3. We've got a dog, but my 4-yr-old keeps wanting to make pets of spiders, slugs and all sorts!

    1. That made me smile - sounds like you have a child who loves all kinds of creatures! Will your family be getting a pet slug anytime soon? :) Lol


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