Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Surprises are Waiting for You!

Only one more week until the official start of Spring!

Time to smell the fresh rain and feel the warming temperatures and the blasts of March winds barreling through the neighborhood. Change is in the air, and it is an exciting change to kids of all ages. Let’s take all of their pent-up excitement and enthusiasm and put it to good use as they dive right into learning about this new season and all that it holds with Spring Surprises Download N Go!

Across many parts of the world, this new season brings the smell of the freshly turned soil, the first blossoms on the fruit trees, and tadpoles in a local pond or creek. The discoveries of change and new growth are endless in this season, and this season was made to be enjoyed.

You and your child will investigate how seasons change, what spring is all about, the life cycle of caterpillars, how seeds grow, and much more.

What reminds you that spring is on its way? Angel food cake and fresh strawberries is my reminder—my grandmother made the world’s best angel food cake. When she baked this cake, I knew that spring had arrived!   Share with us, How do you know that spring is on its way?

Blessings -

Amanda B.

PS - Have you made plans to join us for our Easter Cooperative with our Facebook Friends, starting on Monday, March 19th?  It's an unforgettable journey to the Cross - let's plan to share it together!

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