Friday, March 2, 2012

Fantastic Friday is Looking Super!

With "Super Tuesday" next week, our Fantastic Friday giveaway will help you celebrate our country and our priviledge to vote.

We are giving away a Prize Pack with both Constitution Celebration Download N Go (1 week, K-4) and our New Elections 2012 (4 week, K-12).

The most important document written in the history of our country has to be the Constitution. In this study,your children will appreciate just how hard those now-famous men worked to create it!  Share your convictions regarding love of freedom and country with your children, and help them to understand a little more about American history, our country's origins, and our republican form of government.

Take a Peek Inside Constitution Celebration!

We the people ARE the government here in America – we elect our leaders to lead our country and represent us through our elections! By voting, we are able to express our own opinions on issues through our choices of candidates. As the next generation begins to mature and prepare to be a part of their communities, they need to understand that their vote is their voice. The freedom to vote and choose our government representatives is a freedom that has been obtained and defended at the cost of many precious lives. They need to understand the election process, the workings of American government and the impact that they can have on the process as well as the future of our country.

Take a Peek Inside Elections 2012

 Elections 2012 Lapbook!
To enrich your study of this election season, we also recommend our FREE Elections 2012 Lapbook, designed to accompany this four-week Elections 2012 Unit Study.

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  1. How do you answer the question? I don't see a space for my answer above!

  2. Ok, I didn't see any other space to answer the question. I don't know how many elections I've voted in. It's definitely been my fair share.


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