Friday, March 16, 2012

Fantastic Friday goes Wild!

Spring brings gusto for life with all its fascinations—God's natural world is wild!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to open up the house and let the clean fresh air inside.  We have had some really wild weather with snow flurries, plenty of rain, and hail like we haven't had before. As tornado season touches down, our Fantastic Friday giveaway will help you expand your homeschool horizon with Twisting Tornadoes Download N Go!

Amidst spring's beautiful changes and warmer climate lurk the coiling wind and stormy weather. While most adults cringe at even the mention of "tornado," most children are naturally curious, wanting to learn all they can.

Remember a child's intrigue with the vortex created from a draining bathtub? Ever make your own tornado in a bottle? Wow! Kids just love experimenting with the formations of nature, wanting to understand the way things work!

From dust devils to "snow-nadoes," these exciting weather events will keep children learning and happily investigating the world and weather of the seasons.

Here's what one mom had to say:

“Sometimes the best cure for fear is information, and Twisting Tornadoes provides plenty of that to satisfy curious kids . . . This unit study covers the science of vortexes and the hands-on experiments to demonstrate a twister in action. It also covers the geography and vocabulary of tornadoes. Most importantly, it provides Scriptures and prayers to alleviate fears and remind children of God’s loving protection . . . My daughter is always happy to work on a lapbook to display the knowledge she’s gained—and to have something to show off to Grandma and Grandpa! We love unit studies and lapbooks at our house, and we definitely look forward to each installment of Download N Go™. We have not been disappointed yet!”
—Sara Panning, Syracuse, NY

Take a peek inside Twisting Tornadoes

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  1. I'm really enjoying using your studies on my Kindle Fire. It's awesome!

  2. Spring has sprung here! Flowers are blooming, trees budding out, and the weather has been great! Loving it! Looking forward to starting the Easter Unit Study Co-Op with you all next week! :)

  3. I supposed I look forward to the beautiful colors of Spring the most. :)

  4. We had tornadoes in the area last night. (Not close, but close enough!) Would love to win this giveaway, but if not, planning on getting it anyways to do after the Easter study. :) My daughter has been watching the movie Twister over and over again for the past month. My kids are just fascinated with tornadoes! (I guess they get it from their mom and dad.) :)

  5. My two older children would love to do this study. Whenever there are clouds in the sky, even just white puffy ones, they ask, "Is there going to be a tornado today?" This unit study would be perfect for them to learn the conditions necessary for tornadic activity. :)

  6. Coming from California we are comfortable with earthquakes, but tornadoes are a whole new thing for us here in the Midwest! Although we are definitely severe weather watchers, and would love to be tornado chasers! Hopefully, a study like this will help cure our curiosity and lessen the need to chase them next time they are in the area!

  7. I look forward to the warmer temperatures and the flowers blooming.

  8. I look forward mostly to the warm weather, leaves budding out on the trees and the arrival of the songbirds. Also...I am a weather enthusiast so this unit study would be wonderful to share with my children.

  9. I look forward to schooling outside! I love the warmer days and longer strolls outside!

  10. Living in Florida, we don't have seasons like others, but we do love getting back to the beach as the air warms up. :)

  11. I just love spring all together. The girls and I went out and pruned a bit on the hydrangeas and roses. We fixed up our beds with some weed killer, then going to dump some fresh topsoil. We have been outside all morning and we love it! Spring is wonderful.

  12. We look forward to exploring outdoors in the Spring!

  13. In the spring, I most look forward to putting the screens back in our windows so that we can air out the house!

  14. I love the flowers, and here in Tennessee we have so many beautiful flowering trees like the dogwoods and red buds. To see them blooming and then to have the flowers on the ground blooming as well just seems like heaven on earth.

    I am very interested in this study on Tornadoes. Have to be honest--it is NOT one that I would have thought would make a good unit study, mainly because in our town last year a tornado ripped through and destroyed many many houses. We even had more tornadoes a week ago--six in one storm. God has spared our family home, though we did get hailed, but several friends of ours lost their homes and everything but their lives last year Spring. They are still piecing their lives back together.

    Now, after reading that this unit study includes promises of God's protection, I am really wanting to be able to do this study with my seven year old. Hopefully we will win!

  15. I love planting flowers and cleaning out the flower beds as we watch the new flowers grow. Very magical.

    1. oh yeah, email is


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