Monday, March 12, 2012

Put a "Spring" in your step!

Happy spring!

It's almost here, at long last. What a breath of fresh air, and all of the flowers and new green leaves are absolutely a sight for sore eyes! After spending so many years of my life in Florida, I thoroughly enjoy the change of seasons and the anticipation of the next season.

This is a good time of year to relax a bit and get outside to enjoy some real "natural" learning--walking, observing, collecting and sketching. Try to stand in the same spot every day and take a picture of a neighborhood tree as the new leaves emerge, then print them off on card stock and let the children cut them apart and make a "flip" book out of the pictures. They can watch the tree get spring leaves instantly. This is fun for kids and grownups of all ages!

To keep the March fun going as the weather warms we're offering great savings on the Expedition Ireland ($4), Passport United Kingdom ($5 for Scout or Explorer, just $9 for the Combo!), and Spring Surprises ($4) studies this week. Now is the perfect time to put a "spring" in your step with a new and exciting learning adventure!

Amanda B.

P.S. I'm getting ready to head to the Southeast Homeschool Convention next week. If you are able to attend, stop by booths 603 and 605. We'll be offering some great savings on USAB products, as well as a chance to try them out on an iPad and Kindle Fire. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


  1. After living in MN for most of my life (where spring seems to take a long time to arrive...), I LOVE spring in AR! Every tree, bush and flower explodes with blooms. I love the beautiful color, everywhere I look!

  2. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year, isn't it? I love the explosion of flowers too :) Thanks for sharing that with us!


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