Sunday, April 3, 2011

Featured Title: Twisting Tornadoes

Spring brings gusto for life with all its fascinations—God's natural world is wild!

As tornado season touches down, you'll want to expand your homeschool horizon!

Day 1: What Is a Tornado?
Day 2: Where in the World Are Tornadoes Formed?
Day 3: How Tornadoes Form and Tornado Myths
Day 4: Science Secrets of Tornadoes
Day 5: Tornado Experiments and Tornado Safety

Amidst spring's beautiful changes and warmer climate lurk the coiling wind and stormy weather. While most adults cringe at even the mention of "tornado," most children are naturally curious, wanting to learn all they can.

Remember a child's intrigue with the vortex created from a draining bathtub? Ever make your own tornado in a bottle? Wow! Kids just love experimenting with the formations of nature, wanting to understand the way things work!

From dust devils to "snow-nadoes," these exciting weather events will keep children learning and happily investigating the world and weather of the seasons.

Take a peak inside this unit.


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