Sunday, April 3, 2011

Featured Title: Oceans

With Spring Break upon us and Summer Vacation looming near, it's the perfect time to start learning more about Oceans!

The Oceans Unit Study Adventure is full of adventure and learning fun for the whole family! 

Remember the first time that you "heard" the ocean in a seashell, or felt the sand shift from beneath your feet as the surf washed by? The cry of the seagull, the steady rhythm of the surf on the shore, the sting of the salt on your face – all of these and more remind us of the tranquility you can experience when visiting the ocean. A visit to the shore, or beach, was always a wonderful adventure for me as a child.

Children learn so much when at the ocean – from the texture of sand and sandcastle-building, the thrill of watching a hermit crab take a stroll around a tidal pool, the cool touch of the water and the force of the ocean waves as they splash along the shore. Even if you and your children cannot visit the ocean, perhaps you can visit a lake or river nearby – the adventure and thrill is similar, and there are so many fun memories to make along the way.

While the ocean can appear beautiful and peaceful at first glance, it is teeming with life and has a colorful history that we cannot overlook. From the site of a breaching whale, to the playful rolling of dolphin in the waves, along with the sounds of the creaking and groaning of a wooden ship under full sail on its way to Treasure Island, you and your family will enjoy studying the vast oceans of the world.

This study includes:
  • History and exploration of the oceans
  • World geography
  • Oceanography
  • Marine Biology
  • Ocean explorers
  • And much more!
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