Friday, February 11, 2011

What do chocolate, pizza, and Valentine's Day have in common?


That's why we put together a Fun Pack filled with Mom's favorite things:

Regularly $28 Now $14

Chocolate Challenge
Delve into science discoveries, such as learning about how chocolate comes from a bean pod—that makes it a vegetable, right? Develop an understanding of the basics of how chocolate is made and where it comes from. Learn about rainforests and the ancient Maya and Aztec uses of chocolate. Research the amazing stories of some of the world's foremost chocolatiers! And don't forget to eat chocolate!

Pizza Party
Imagine . . . your study will start from the history of pizza and then expand learning to include: how yeast works, how mozzarella cheese is made, mapping activities for geography, types of pizza from across the globe, information about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, facts on Galileo's experiment and other history, five historical figures, and so much more! Many of us have been so busy enjoying actually eating pizza that the thought of learning about it has never crossed our minds! And be sure to end your week with my personal favorite--a pizza party!

Valentine's Day
Cooking together, decorating tablecloths, and visiting neighbors with special Valentine's Day cards—children will learn the importance of showing love to others! Truly, the world is their classroom. Why not give valentines to classmates? Consider giving valentines to friends, neighbors, the elderly, and others this holiday!

And of course we had to add in our Mother's Day title as well. After all, we need one day a year devoted just to us, after we've devoted the other 364 to our precious families!

Mother's Day
Use this opportunity to help your children understand more about your special relationship with them, learn a little Mother's Day history, and help them prepare for a fun celebration in honor of you, their mother. It's worth the extra effort to make Mother's Day a special adventure—an exciting week that everyone will remember for many years to come!

This special Mom's Favorites Fun Pack is dedicated to you, the hardworking and loving Mom, and will remain on sale through February 14 for just $14.  Buy it for yourself, because we all know--if mom's not happy, no one's happy! And trust me, your kids will be happy, too!

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See the Official Contest Rules for more details.

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