Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The changing of the seasons--the perfect time for learning...

Throughout the past several years of homeschooling, I can think of few opportunties for learning more inspiring than the changes of the seasons. From the first blossoms of spring, to the fruits of summer, followed by the gorgeous colors of falling leaves, and finally, falling snow, seasonal changes make us all aware of God's amazing creation. 

Science, geography, history, art, music--it's all there, and more! Download N Go makes it easy for you to bring the outdoors in (and back out again for those nature walks!). 

Regularly $28
Now $14

Spring Surprises 
Oh, the surprises of spring are many—and children do take notice! Why not take all of their pent-up excitement and enthusiasm and put it to good use as they spring right into learning about this new season and all that it holds? 

Summer Sensations 
Your child will investigate how seasons change, what summer is all about, how shadows work, why trees are important in the summertime, and yummy--discover some history about snow cones and ice cream!

Autumn Treasures 
Your student will learn history as he studies about the pumpkin in America and how Johnny Appleseed helped our pioneers spread across this great land. No doubt you'll have a memorable week of great adventure discovering Autumn Treasures!

Winter Wonders 
No longer is the coldest season just a winter wonderland—use Winter Wonders and warm up to an educational exploration! A Snowflake Bentley pop-up book, a winter birdwatching log, creative instructions for hot chocolate, and more will all end up in a memorable lapbook by the end of the week.

Get all 4 titles for just $14 through February 14, 2011.  

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