Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boomerang Fun and Kindle Winner Announcement!

First things, first! The winner of the Kindle, in our 12 Days of Christmas Celebration, is Sharon Rodriquez, from California! Congratulations Sharon!!

The next bit of great news is that we have decided to Boomerang most of the 12 Days of Christmas specials! So for those of you who were traveling,  taking care of sick kids, or just regretted not picking up one of these awesome deals, you now have a second chance!

These specials will only last until Sunday night, January 9, 11:59 MT.

Tremendous Trees
Regularly $7.95
Now $2
Autumn Treasures, Summer Sensations
Winter Wonders, Spring Surprises
Regularly $7.95 each
Now $4 each
Scrapbooking, Gardens, Trains, Dogs
Regularly 10.95 each
Now $4.95 each
American Government,
Digital Photography, Horses
Regularly $10.95 each
Now $5.95 each
Swimming Fun Pack
Regularly: $24
Now $15
Expedition Fun Pack
Regularly $30
Now $20

Take Flight Fun Pack
Regularly $30
Now $20
Mom's Favorite Fun Pack
Regularly $28
Now $14.95
Melodious Fun Pack
Regularly $34
Now $19.95
Joyful Noise Fun Pack
Regularly $34
Now $20


  1. Congrats Sharon, and thanks to Amanda for the Boomerang! Missed one of the fun packs due to budget constraints but now we have it! The wanna-be-pilots in my house are thrilled.

  2. thanks for sharing that Mamma Mia! that makes us all very happy around here!

  3. Hmm -- I tried clicking through on these specials, but they only took me to copies of the photos, not a link to the specials or where to purchase them. I realize I'm here with less than 10 minutes to go, and that may be the problem ... or am I missing something on how to purchase these?

  4. Ah, never mind -- I thought there was an actual page with the seasonal ones all together as a pack to order. I ended up just going to the main site and adding the four dng's separately. And made it in just under the wire, looks like.


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