Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Tour: Winter Wonders

Do your children ever wonder about winter? Have you heard any of these questions as days grow colder and winter sets in?

Mom, where do the animals go in the winter?

Dad, how do those icicles get on the house like that?

Grandma, where did hot chocolate come from?

Day 1: What is Winter?
Day 2: Science Secrets of Winter
Day 3: People and Places of Winter
Day 4: Time for Tips and Treasures of Winter
Day 5: Goodies and Gadgets of Winter

No longer is the coldest season just a winter wonderland—use Winter Wonders and warm up to an educational exploration!

An acrostic, a booklet of frostbite signs, a great Iditarod flipbook, a wheel of winter animals, creative instructions for hot chocolate, bird feeders, winter fun, and more will all end up in a memorable lapbook by the end of the week.

The DNG Review Team has been having a great time using Winter Wonders in their homeschool recently.  They will soon begin blogging about their experiences, and linking those blog post here, so be sure to check back see what they have to say!

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