Thursday, January 6, 2011

Combining Download N Go with Unit Study Adventures in Your Homeschool

We often hear from homeschool moms who love Download N Go (DNG) and love Unit Study Adventures (USA), and are trying to find ways to combine the two.  Perhaps you are homeschooling several children of all ages.  You want to use DNG with your younger children, but they're not age-appropriate for your 8th-grader.  Yet, you desire to keep the subject matter of your homeschool similar for all of your children.

I thought I would put together some ideas for you to use, to make this process easier.  I hope you find it useful! Each subject category will list one 4-week USA with 1-4 DNG units that will mesh well with them.

Subject:  Oceans
USA: Oceans

Subject: US History

Subject:  US Government

Subject: Space
USA:  Space

Subject: Flight
USA: Flight

Subject: Thanksgiving

Subject: Christmas
USA: Christmas

Subject: Easter
USA: Easter

Subject: Horses
USA: Horses

Subject: Sports
USA:  Baseball

Subject: Food
USA: Gardens

Subject: Technology

I hope that gets you started imagining how you can use both Unit Study Adventures and Download N Go together in your homeschool--creating exciting days and making things easier on you, the homeschool teacher!

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