Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Mom, What is a Veteran?"

How could I connect the soldiers that were part of our lives every day with the concept of veterans and Veterans Day?

I wanted them to know what heroes we were in the midst of, and the heroes that were in their own family history, along with the price paid for the simplest of our freedoms. I explained, we studied and read and talked, and the light dawned.

They understood when the veterans were on the street corners and at the store entrances, offering red poppies. They smiled, watching me thank soldiers that we happened by at the store, in church, in homeschool gatherings, or on long walks. They began to understand and connect what the thanks were given for, how soldiers and veterans are connected, and why we honor these special people called veterans.
To all of you who are veterans, we offer many heartfelt thanks for your service. You are priceless and a national treasure! To those of you in military families, we thank you for your sacrifices as your family is often moved, separated, and under stress. Thanks, and thanks again.

Amanda B.
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