Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas and Traditions While Homeschooling

The month of December is a very special time at our place! When we began homeschooling, it was a natural thing to spend the entire month of December on a study of the real meaning of Christmas. We spent many hours, gathered around in the living room, reading the Bible and learning about the prophecies of His birth and how they were fulfilled. The whole family worked on projects together – things that would help others, from cookie trays to baby blankets to quilts for the abused children’s shelter, we all created and helped. We learned so much about God’s plan, His love, and how to love and serve others in Decembers here.
We also formed some long-lasting family traditions during those Decembers - traditions that we continue to this day, as the kids come home from all over the place, and bring friends along with them. Their dad has always been the best cook in the house, and he began having them help him make all kinds of Christmas goodies back in the early days of our homeschooling. They would all take part in this big messy, totally fun event, creating treats for neighbors and friends near and far. We also had one craft project that we worked on each night, gathered around the kitchen table. I will never forget the year that we painted small plaster of Paris houses to form a Christmas village – great conversations and loads of laughter. Every year had a new project that matched the varying ages and skill levels, and each time we made some fantastic memories of the heart.

I hope that you and your crew can have a Christmas season to remember this year. These ARE the good old days for your children!



Amanda B.

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