Friday, November 16, 2012

Making Thanksgiving Blessing Ornaments

Here's a new idea to try while counting and giving thanks for the year’s blessings with the crowd around your Thanksgiving table.

Using the clear glass ornaments, or any other type available  and some glass paints, have everyone decorate their own ornament with their favorite blessing of this past year in words or pictures or symbols. What a fun reminder! Make sure they put their name and the year on the bottom of the ornament. (Don't forget to take a picture and share it with us during our Thanksgiving Facebook Co-op!)

They can take their ornaments home to use with their own Christmas decorations, and remember the fun that they had over the Thanksgiving 2012 holiday.

These are the special days that your children will recall. Make them memorable as they learn the true meaning of the holidays, and enjoy this time together. Work together as a family as you prepare for the holiday, create loving gifts, and make plans to bless others.

Thanks for your friendship—I count you all among my special blessings!


Amanda B.

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