Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let the Learning Begin!

Here come the athletes with their flags flying! Their hopes and dreams are still brightly shining stars in their eyes!

If your family is like ours, these fun times and competitions are looked forward to, planned into the schedule, and watched closely as the games unfold. The character traits of the athletes come into focus now as the games begin and progress, and the lessons can be priceless—lessons in perseverance, courage, faith, and persistence.

From learning the flags of each country (check out - World Flags Match 'Em Up History & Geography App for your iPhone or iPad to keep it fun!) to learning the names and countries of the top contenders in each sport, we approach the games as a wide-open door of learning about international athletes and events. Create posters to track your favorite country, team, or athletes, and let the games begin!


Another fun activity is to check out the food from various countries that you and your crew are following from around the world. Have different dinner menus during the Olympics, letting the kids choose items from a particular country each night. They will learn about foods from around the world, and it’s just one more sense (taste) that helps cement the learning process.(The Passport Geography Series is full of fun recipes from around the world!)

Enjoy these games with the whole family! Sure, there might be some long hours and late night events, but they are so much fun, and the memories are priceless. I’ll be right there with you, staying up late and cheering them on!

Amanda B.

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