Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amanda's Big Surprise!

We are thrilled to announce the new USAB Mobile App! With this app and your phone or mobile device, it's easy to keep up with what's going on, no matter how busy your life gets. Don't miss another Terrific Tuesday or limited-time offer because you had to run an errand and leave your computer. Take USAB with you wherever you go!

Here's what you can do with this fantastic app:
  • Learn about and browse through our HUGE product catalog.
  • Find out about current sales and special offers.
  • See the latest news and study tidbits straight from our Facebook feed. Never miss another Terrific Tuesday announcement because it was lost in your Facebook news feed!
  • Read great articles of encouragement from Amanda Bennett.
  • Enter contests.
  • Watch our ever-growing variety of videos, designed to inspire you to make the most of your unit study adventures.
  • Contact Us--Join our mailing list, give us a call or send us an email, even keep in touch via Facebook or Twitter. We'd love to hear from you!

This app can be downloaded to any smartphone or mobile device (iPhone or Android). Best of all . . . it's FREE, share it with your friends!

The Brand New USAB App

It's FREE and Unbelievably Awesome!

  • Download directly to your smartphone or mobile device (iOS or Android)--no app store to go through!
  • Have instant access to the USAB news feed, product info, videos, blog, and customer service.

Once you've installed the app, watch the Blog tab tomorrow and Friday. This week's surprises aren't over yet. We've got even more fun planned. Stay tuned!


Amanda B.

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