Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

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Day Four

Deal of the Day: Football Frenzy Download N Go - $3

Listen to what one family had to say about Footbal Frenzy:
"We certainly had a great time with the Football Frenzy study.  After the first day, my boys were eager to complete each day's lessons and begged to do more than one lesson each day.  One of the things that I particularly enjoyed about Football Frenzy was that I could let my boys use the laptop at the dining table to complete each day's lessons, while I cooked supper.  This way they were learning independently but I was able to chat with them, answer questions and learn along with them without having to monitor every single step.  I also liked how my sons were eager to share what they learned with other members of the family.  One day they just had to make a phone call to their grandfather to tell them some interesting football fact they learned.  Another day, they were giving a younger boy who lives next door lessons in the proper way to hold the football."   
Here's what my sons had to say about Football Frenzy:
Joel (age 11):
I enjoyed the Football Fantasy unit study.  I liked how the games was explained simply so that I could understand some of the rules that I didn't already know about.  I liked doing this study with my brother.  We really enjoyed practicing some of the throwing techniques that we saw in the videos.  There was history and science and even vocabulary words, but I never really felt like it was school stuff because I was learning so much about football.  This is a really cool unit for boys who love football." 
Nathan (age 9):
I learned a bunch of cool techniques that now I can use when I play football with my brother and my dad.  For example, I learned that all the power for tackling comes from the waist.  I also learned to pass better and how to hold the ball in a good position.  There was some great science stuff, like horizontal and vertical arcs.  I learned about the science of throwing a pass, such as if I want to throw a deep pass I should release the ball at a higher point so that it stays higher in the air longer and travels faster and farther.  I love science and I love football and this was a great study for boys like me." 
Review by:  Paige at

But wait, there's more!

Download N Go - 1 week, K - 4 - $4

Unit Study Adventure - 4 week, K - 12 - $5

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