Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Adventures Week

It's that time of year again, when the weather turns cooler, and the kids seem hungrier! Time to fire up their minds, while filling up their stomachs!

This week we are featuring some special pricing for our autumn food favorites for hungry kids.

Gardens Unit Study Adventure - 4 week (K-12) - $5

Encompassing the history of gardens, plant science, planning and planting a garden, and the arts, this study is perfect for any time of year. Grow seeds on the windowsill through the wintertime, watch a sweet potato sprout and spread across the top of the refrigerator, and make virtual visits to some world-famous gardens. From pole-bean tepees to sunflower houses, what memories you will make!

Delve into science discoveries, such as learning about how chocolate comes from a bean pod—that makes it a vegetable, right? Develop an understanding of the basics of how chocolate is made and where it comes from. Learn about rainforests and the ancient Maya and Aztec uses of chocolate. Research the amazing stories of some of the world's foremost chocolatiers!

Pizza Party Download N Go - 1 Week  (K-4) - $4

Your study will start from the history of pizza and then expand learning to include: how yeast works, how mozzarella cheese is made, mapping activities for geography, types of pizza from across the globe, information about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, facts on Galileo's experiment and other history, five historical figures, and so much more!

Find out how and where popcorn is grown and what makes it different from other corn, who first brought it to America, and what makes it pop! Along the way, your children will make amazing discoveries and create beautiful projects.  Don't forget to eat some popcorn. You can even try a recipe such as children ate in Colonial times!

There’s so much to learn about cookies! Discover the favorite cookies of Presidents and meet famous cookie makers.  Make tasty discoveries in geography, science, and math while baking cookies from around the world. Practice your table manners during tea time. Finally, end your amazing week of learning and baking by inviting friends and family over for a delicious cookie party! 

Buy More - Save More - Foods Fun Pack is 50% off!  Just $13 for 4 studies! (that's only $3.25 per study)

As you can see, USAB studies are stand-alone curriculum, having science, geography, history, and much more! While they are busy having fun working through the study, they are also learning and absorbing all kinds of educational content along the way.

Come on and join us as we celebrate Food Adventures Week here at USAB--you are going to LOVE the prices AND the products.  Be sure to stop by our
Facebook page for more food fun all week!


Amanda B.

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