Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apples, Autumn, and Seasons of Change

It always happens this time of year. We begin to get that faraway look as the weather gets a cool edge and the leaves begin to change color. Time to get the gingersnaps in the oven and take a trip to the apple orchard!

Of the many lessons that I learned while homeschooling, there was one that was unforgettable: watch the calendar and you will hold your child’s attention, no matter the age. With the approach of a new season, bring the changes indoors. From autumn collections gathered on nature walks to spring flowers and tadpoles, let them live the seasons and learn to welcome change.

Season changes always bring that time of going through the clothes for each child. First, dragging out the tubs of clothing for the upcoming season, and then figuring out which child could wear what clothes. Their growth spurts don’t always coincide with their birth order, do they? :o)

Bake for the changing seasons, and involve the children. Give them fond childhood memories of changing seasons, knowing that some of these special traditions will be passed along to future generations. Here are a few fun autumn treats that will be cooking at our house this weekend:

Hot Spiced Apple Cider in a Crock Pot

Spice Cookies

Easy Caramel Apple Pie

So go on, find a way to slow down and welcome autumn. I’m bringing out the autumn candles, cooking some treats with wonderful autumn aromas, and setting out a pot of chrysanthemums on the porch. It’s a GREAT time to welcome a new season as a family!


Amanda B.

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