Friday, December 26, 2008

Spring Fever just around the bend...

Christmas 2008 is now a page in history, and hopefully you and your crew had a blessed Christmas and are enjoying a peaceful holiday. It is raining here today, and I see that many parts of the country are experiencing winter weather that keeps everyone indoors and, well, cabin feverish!

Always the optimist, I decided to look ahead through my new 2009 calendar for some bright spots in the coming months. I discovered:

Spring training for baseball begins in just five short weeks - hurray!

Indoor seed planting for this year's garden will begin at about the same time, and this will be the year to carefully plan a productive family garden, to save money and get everyone working toward a common goal.

Easter is celebrated on April 12th this year, so the time to begin the Easter Unit Study will be in early March this year. This is my favorite study of all of the holiday unit studies, and I hope it will become a favorite of yours, as well.

With these three calendar observations along with hints of cabin fever just beginning to surface here, I put together a special unit study package at great savings for this last week of 2008. It includes three unit studies for only $24.95 - Baseball, Gardens, and Easter Unit Studies on CDROM. Follow this link to learn more:

Spring Fever Unit Study Package 

Looking forward to the promise of spring,
Amanda B.

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