Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ideas for a Homemade Christmas

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I've started gathering ideas for those of us who are looking at enjoying the special season in a meaningful and affordable way. I will be blogging about some of my finds over the next few weeks, and more are included in my Christmas Unit Study (which is now downloadable at the TOS store).

This is such a beautiful time of year, a time to be amazed at how our heavenly Father unfolded His plans for us - and how He always keeps His promises. The story of Christmas, the birth of His Son, is rich with characters that we can all learn so much from - here's a website that tells the stories of these twelve in both text and through some wonderful online audio files:  The Twelve Voices of Christmas from Back to the Bible. Don't miss this site!

I recently discovered a great project for kids of all ages, for some gift ideas that can be made around the kitchen table:  Watercolor and Crayon Name. These can be made and placed in inexpensive frames for family and loved ones - using their names!

Then, I had a great idea - what if we used the Watercolor and Crayon Name project and used the names of those Twelve Voices of Christmas? They can then be placed around the house throughout the holidays, as reminders of the real meaning of Christmas. The children could create the drawings for Gabriel, Zacharias, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, and the others. The drawings could be brought out, year after year, and enjoyed for holidays in the years to come.

Stay tuned -- I am gathering quite a collection of ideas for a wonderful homemade Christmas season! Share your own ideas here in the comments, and THANKS!

Amanda B.


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