Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite Christmas children's book now on sale

I am often asked for a list of our favorite Christmas books for the family, and the one of these is One Wintry Night, by Ruth Bell Graham. Right now, CBD has the gift edition of this book on sale for only $6.99, a savings of $6.00 off of the regular price. This is a beautiful story book, written and illustrated to grab the attention of children and adults alike - it is a must-have for this season. Here's the link and description:

One Wintry Night
By Ruth Bell Graham

"One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham blends a contemporary story with the whole history of God's redeeming love, and is brought to life by rich, beautiful illustrations. When a young mountain boy is caught alone in a sudden snowstorm, he takes refuge in a cabin his grandfather had helped build many years before. The woman living there shelters the boy and attends to his badly swollen ankle. She passes the hours they are snowbound by telling the whole panorama of God's involvement in human history from creation to the resurrection. The rich texture of Richard Jesse Watson's illustrations makes One Wintry Night a captivating reading experience and a family treasure. With both instant appeal and an aura of timelessness, this book will fascinate both those who have heard the Bible story many times as well as those who know only a few details."

Mrs. Graham wrote a lasting story that explains God and His plan, leaving readers and listeners with an unforgettable picture of the reason for our Hope!

Amanda B.

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