Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun and easy Thanksgiving craft!

I discovered a great Thanksgiving craft project for kids on youtube
for creating Thanksgiving decoupage charger plates with kids at:

While the video leaves much to your imagination, I think we can
figure out how to do this project!

The basic concept is to glue pictures, leaves, and other images to
inexpensive charger plates (about $1 each at many discount stores).
After the glue dries, the kids can take glitter paint to go over the
plate. You could preserve the plates with a spray-on clear finish
when everything is dry. These charger plates are then placed on the
Thanskgiving table, almost like name cards. The charger plate is used
like a placemat to hold each dinner plate during the meal, and these
special chargers can then be saved as Thanksgiving keepsakes.

You can take this one step further by making each charger plate
* Personalizing a charger plate for each expected Thanksgiving
dinner guest
* Using some of the Blessing Tree leaves mentioned in the
Thanksgiving Unit Study
* Letting the kids cut out autumn pictures from magazines and
newspapers to include on their plates
* Using scrapbooking letters to create names and special images on
each plate
* Including copies of drawings and photos from their work on the
Thanksgiving Unit Study (remember that you can reduce the size of the
drawing/photos when making copies)

What do you think? If anyone has experience with decoupage, do you
have suggestions for the types of glue and finshes that we should use?

Many thanks,
Amanda B.

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