Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanksgiving book suggestions on sale at

Just wanted to share the good news that some favorite Thanksgiving books
are now listed on BookCloseouts:

The First Thanksgiving
Author: George, Jean Craighead

Thanksgiving, What Makes It Special?  - Boardbook
Author(s): Kurisu, Jane (Ilt), Myra, Harold 

Thanksgiving: What Makes It Special?
Author(s): Kurisu, Jane (Ilt), Myra, Harold 

Squanto and The Miracle Of Thanksgiving
Author: Metaxas, Eric  

Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation 
 Author(s): Berry, Holly (Ilt), Stanley, Diane  

The Very First Thanksgiving Day 
Author:  Gaber, Susan (Ilt), Greene, Rhonda Gowler 

The Night Before Thanksgiving 
Author:  Lyon, Tammie (Ilt), Wing, Natasha  

Off to Plymouth Rock 
Author:  Barretta, Gene (Ilt),
Mackall, Dandi Daley

The Kids' Holiday Baking Book 
Author:  Black, Rosemary

Hope these help,
Amanda B.

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