Monday, September 1, 2008

Launching into September!

It is back to schooling time these days, and summer vacation is drawing to an end. Someone asked recently if we schooled year-round and I had to laugh – I don’t think that homeschooling families ever “stop” homeschooling. Once homeschooling becomes an integral part of family life, the learning seems to carry on regardless of what the calendar indicates. The kids still love to read and go to the library and bookstores – can you imagine telling them to stop reading now that it is time for summer break? Projects seem to multiply rapidly over the summer months in their areas of interest – including areas like electronics, insect collecting, quilting, entrepreneurial interests (lawn care, babysitting, jewelry making, etc), cooking adventures, and much more. No, learning seems to accelerate during the summer breaks!

As you move into a new season of learning, there is plenty of distraction to contend with as we try to invigorate these young minds to absorb things like algebra and long division. With so much going on in the world these days, the pace of life seems to becoming a bit more frantic as more people are becoming concerned with both national and world politics. As your children get old enough to be aware of current events, they begin to notice and ask excellent questions. Help them find the answers and get a solid understanding of the issues. With the upcoming elections, talk about which issues are important for your family and why, and help them find out how the candidates stand on these issues.  

This is a time of year when we are still enjoying the blessings of summer, knowing that the next season is just around the corner. The autumn signals are gathering as leaves begin to show changes and the nights grow a bit cooler. Catch on to the blessings of each day and enjoy them with your family. The lessons will go on and the learning will continue, just make sure to enjoy the people that you call “family” along the way!

I hope you and your crew are enjoying a long and peaceful Labor Day weekend. While most of us will be relaxing this weekend, some will be evacuating ahead of Hurricane Gustav. For those of you along the Gulf Coast, please know that you’ve got our prayers for your safety through this storm and the days that follow.  

Amanda B.


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