Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally, a cookbook with EASY recipes that are GREAT!

For those of you that are good cooks, please just skip this entry. I recently discovered a wonderful new paperback cookbook at WalMart called "Mom's Best Meals" from Taste of Home magazine. So far, every single recipe that I have tried has turned out beautifully, and the recipes call for affordable ingredients that are around most homes. The magazine has almost 30 sets of recipes for Mom's best meals from around the country - and the results are exciting meals that are simple to prepare, AND the family loves them! Please recall that cooking is not one of my better-known skills. :-) I tend to cook using the smoke-detector method - when the smoke detector goes off, dinner must be done!

I;ve tried many of the recipes - including "Pillowtop Rolls" (I cheated and made the recipe in my bread machine - fantastic!), upside down strawberry shortcake, baked ziti, and many more - magnificent and the guys here are now cruising the kitchen with their noses working, trying to figure out what smells so good!

I don't know about you, but I tend to get in a rut with recipe and menu selection after a while, and infusions like those from this book are a great motivator for me.

I found mine at the checkout rack in a local WalMart - look for yours and enjoy!

Amanda B.

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